Friday, December 27, 2013

Mid air

Whoa it's only few days before the 2013 go by in a flash. I gotta say that 2013 has been a busy year and quite remarkable for me. Have you ever asked yourself, when was the last time you did something for the first time? I am able to say proudly that I have been feeding my curiosity by trying a lot of new things. I took a korean course and basic sewing course this year. I also participated in a fashion event, getting to know lots of awesome people and joined the fashion community. Well well I will definitely summarize what has been happening this year in a decent blog post. :)
Simple and versatile is the exact two words I'd use to describe the Exclusive F/W Collection 2013 from Cloth Inc. I was actually having a hard time whether to get the semi autumn coat in Black or Brown. Though because of my late obsession with monochrome, I finally decided to get the black one. I was thoroughly in love with the brown coat urgh cause it is in my favorite shade of brown. (why I am very indecisive?!)

View the full lookbook here.

Overall, I really love the whole concept of their collection! My favorite piece is this set of cable knit sweater in off-white, and the maxi sheer slit skirt. My piece of advice is to shop right away otherwise you want to regret the item you've been eyeing running out of stock. The last time I checked, the cable knit sweater is already sold out. :X

I did this quick photoshoot with my younger sister before we were heading to do christmas shopping. It was honestly her first time taking the outfit photos for my blog. Both of us were quite struggling at first, but the results were really paid off. Credits to her for all the photos!

Thank you Cloth Inc for this amazing piece from their latest Exclusive F/W Collection 2013. If you can have a peek to my closet, you'd definitely spot lots of outerwear hanging in my closet. Well, I always invest in outerwear. However, living in Indonesia doesn't leave me with much options. Have you ever experienced that you insisted on wearing outerwear and ended up sweating because of the heat? I did. Despite the heat, I still believe in layering and stuff lol. That's why I was like super mega excited when I got my hands on this semi autumn coat from Cloth Inc. It was surprisingly light and wearable!




(Wearing Cloth inc Semi Autumn Coat in Black, Nikicio Shirt, Zara look-alike skort, New Look strapped heels)

Ok, that's the end of this post!

Happy new year in advance! (just in case if this will be my last post in 2013)
Wait, am I just planning to abandon this blog?
No. That's just in case!

Ok, see ya!

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Behind the scene

Hi! It's saturday and I have just finished the photoshoot for Oudre. Since I've been working, Saturday and Sunday feel like sacred days to me (and now I get it why people are excited with 'TGIF' stuff. I get it. Totally.) However, on those sacred days, I don't mind working cause it's something I love. It is definitely true that if you do something you love, it never feels like working. :)

Anyhow, new collection will be soon up anytime next week! Like every year, we have a christmas collection. Christmas is my most favorite festive season! I love it so much that my mood is becoming way happier just knowing that Christmas is around the corner.

Of course, I got some sneak preview of the photoshoot.

(Psst. Be prepared with lots of knitwears!)

The three of us. We are still overwhelmed sometimes with how far we are with Oudre right now. But we still have so much to improve in order to make Oudre bigger and bigger, also to serve the customers better. :)

After the photoshoot, I decided to have a small photo session of my outfit. I definitely didn't wanna miss an opportunity of taking decent outfit photos lol. Today's #ootd! 

Tartan/Plaid: never can be more versatile. It's my current favorite fashion style! 

Wearing my very handy bag from H&M and strapped heels from New Look.

Decided to play around on the photoshoot with this stylish journal from Gogirl! 2013 December Edition. It was an impromptu idea to use the journal as props for my outfit shots cause it's just too cute! Usually when I buy a magazine, I never use any of the freebies given, cause most of the times, the free gift was either in a cheap quality, or containing whatsoever advertisement (hate this to the max), or worse, some of them were pretty much useless. I end up tossing them away. So trust me when I say that I always find the freebies from Gogirl! very useful. Did you guys get the November Edition which gave a skipping rope and arm pouch (can be used to put your phone while exercising) as the free gift? See what I told you about their very tempting freebies! They must have put a lot of thought into it.When Oudre hands out freebies, I will want it to be useful too. :)

  I got this little obsession towards tropical pattern. Honestly, I can't even decide which of the two covers I like most cause I like all! Does everyone agree with me how chic they can be? Not only they look stylish, but I also love that they are also very handy. I can bring them with me everywhere!
I keep forgetting stuff that's why I always use a journal for me to note down to do list, ideas and etc.
Since last year though, I have been using the Gogirl! 2013 Journals to write down my ideas and inspirations regarding Oudre stuff until now.

Admit it, they don't look like a typical magazine freebies!

Mind me. I can go a little crazy over cute stuff. My biggest weakness. Other than food and shopping lol.

Okay that's it for today!

Have a lovely saturday, readers. :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

This is how we do

(Wearing Cloth Inc Leather Sleeve Jacket, Asos Dress worn as Top, New Look Strapped Heels, H&M Sling Bag) 

Well, well, I might have taken my obsession towards white a little bit too far. I just can't help myself wearing white in any time of the year. So, what I did was I wore this pattern dress as a top, and paired it with the versatile A-line white skirt. I really love how the detail on the waist gives a pop of red colour to my outfit! I've always been obsessed with leather and this leather sleeve jacket from Cloth Inc is so cool which I think goes really well with the whole outfit!

With Zenith, the girl behind all my outfit pictures! 

By the way, I just found out about this app called "Dayre". It's like diary where you can update it with text, photos, whatever throughout the day. So, it's sort of like a diary phone? Hahaha so far I like it a lot! I can actually post a random picture which is (sadly) not instagram worthy enough here lol. It's fun I am thinking to post short update about what happens in my daily life. Guess it might be another big thing just like instagram, twitter, etc soon! I love being one of the first to use an app before it becomes famous. Hahaha! *competitive*
 Go faster download it on App Store / Google Play and do follow me @claudiaphankova *attentionwhore*

That's all for today!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Brightspot Market November 2013

If you've been following my blog, you'd know that I've always been looking forward into this oh-so-happening event, Brightspot Market. In case you don't know, Brightspot Market is a curated market of all things cool! (as quoted from the website, no, but really, that is true)  For more info, you can visit their website

Being the 10th Brighspot Market held, this time it was located at Lotte Shopping Avenue from 7th (Private Opening), 8-10th November (Open for Public).

However, I only managed to attend the second and third day of Brightspot Market. Recalling back the first time I went to Brightspot Market, it was around two years ago. This time was my fifth time to attend the event! 

Here's some outfit pictures taken with iphone. Please bear with the quality of the pictures lol. Ever since I got an iphone, I got so used to taking pics with iphone that I sort of forgot how taking good quality pictures feel like. 
I super love the white sneakers I got from Topshop the other day. Wearing it almost everytime I head out cause it is so easy to match with! The sole is quiet thick, you can't really see in this picture though.
(Wearing Mango Collared Shirt, Zara Sweater, F21 Baby Pink Leather Skirt, H&M Sling Bag, Topshop White Sneakers)

My company last saturday night! With Amelia, my favorite blogger and also a good friend of mine. Don't you just adore her edgy style? I do!

With the lovely ladies.

Anyway, it was a super fun night! Unlike my previous experiences, I only did some shopping at Nikicio Booth - which is definitely my favorite local brand, ever. God bless my wallet.

That's all for today! I'm already looking forward to the next Brightspot Market lol.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


(Wearing Oudre Crop Top and Skinny Pants, Zara Jacket, New Look Strapped Heels, my favorite backpack from Bangkok)

With midriff style taking over the trend, how can one can resist how simple yet chic it is? I have to think, really hard, to choose between midriff trend or monochrome trend as my most favorite from the trend this year. I love how midriff trend shows the curves without looking way too sexy. It is definitely classy. 

Just a random fact; I'm more a skirt/short pants person to skinny pants person. I find long skinny pants rather uncomfortable to wear, and plus, idk why wearing long pants tends to make me look short, but, well, I had to say that this pair of skinny pants is exceptional. It's SO comfy that I can't help but wearing it so often I lost my count. Ultimate love.

Btw, I'm really looking forward to November! A lot of exciting things that I wish I could reveal now, but my lips are all sealed. Till then. X